Québec National Parks Canada
Québec National Parks Canada

National Parks of Québec, Canada

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Québec's first national park was established in 1974, with the foundation of the Forillon National Parks.

Three years later, in 1977, La Mauricie National Park was born.

Today, the province of Québec has a total of three National Parks or National Park Reserves.

La Mauricie National Park - Photo Credit: Jean-Guy Lavoie © Tourisme Québec

Forillon National Park
Forillon National Park is situated on the extreme north-eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and has a total size of 240.4 square kilometers. The spectacular coastline is made out of limestone cliffs, pebble beaches and rocks. The park is covered by boreal forest, where you may see moose, deer, and black bears. Offshore you may enjoy whales and seals.

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La Mauricie National Park
La Mauricie National Park is located some 220 kilometres northeast of Montreal and has a size of 536.1 square kilometres. As a remain of the last Ice Age, a landscape of granite dotted by numerous lakes and a mixed forest vegetation, surrounded by the Laurentian Highlands awaits the visitor. The park is popular with paddlers and hikers alike. Numerous canoe routes and hiking trails are here to explore.

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Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve
Mingan Archipelago Park Reserve is situated just off the north shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence and has a size of 150.7 square kilometres. This unique paradise consists out of some 40 limestone islands with seabirds nesting in a vegetation typical to the islands, and seals and whales feeding in the rich waters offshore.

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