Saskatchewan National Parks Canada
Saskatchewan National Parks Canada

National Parks of Saskatchewan, Canada

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Nova Scotia's first National Park was established in 1927 with Prince Albert National Park.

In 1981, the province opened its second national park with Grasslands National Park.

Besides national parks the province features 34 provincial parks, 137 recreation sites, eight historic sites and 24 protected areas.

Grasslands National Park
Grasslands National Park is the first national park of Canada to preserve a portion of the mixed prairie grasslands. The park will eventually have a total size of 906.4 sq km. It is located between Val Marie and Killdear, south of Swift Current and west of Assiniboia. The park protects an unique flora and fauna, including Canada’s only black-tailed prairie dogs and other rare reptiles and amphibians that are mainly spotted along the Frenchman River Valley.

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Prince Albert National Park
Prince Alberta National Park is located 200 km north of Saskatoon and protects part of the northern coniferous forest, home to elk, moose, deer, wolves and caribou. The 3,874 sq km park protects Canada’s second largest white pelican colony at Lavellee Lake, as well as a wild herd of bison. The park offers great hiking trails and canoeing routes.

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